Still Here

To those who are nice enough to read my posts – I promise to get back to my usual type of writing soon. I’m just not feeling it right now… My grandfather, or what used to be my grandfather, is currently sitting on the kitchen table in a little cardboard box, and mood swings are kicking my ass, thanks to the cancer drugs I’m on. So I’m having trouble focusing lately, but I will be back… if I haven’t flooded the world with my tears or pummeled it to dust with my rage (seriously, the mood swings are a real bitch).


A Fairytale Romance

It’s a fairytale romance, the story of us.
The kind that ends happily ever after.
I never thought it could happen to me,
A regular kid from Dorchester.
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Diary of the Winged Wonder – Part Two

Dear Diary,

Confession time. I steal gum from my mom’s purse. I fall asleep in class. I enjoy hiding my grandpa’s dentures and watching the chaos it creates. I am Continue reading

Diary of the Winged Wonder


Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning to discover I’d sprouted a pair of wings. How’s that for headline news? Continue reading

Ham Sandwich Hitman

George was about to face the electric chair because of a ham sandwich. A goddamn ham sandwich. After a decade in prison, he still couldn’t quite believe it. As a hitman, he knew better than to expect a happy ending, but this was truly embarrassing. Continue reading

Have We Met?

Have we met? Your face is familiar, and I never forget a face. Now it’ll bug me until I figure it out. Continue reading

Unrequited Love

The green sludge sits before her, daring her to take a sip. This isn’t natural, Lily thinks. Nobody should be subjected to this torture. She fights to keep her gag reflex under control Continue reading