Happiness Takes a Hike for the Day

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A Conversation between Adults

Casey: It’s here! 😀 (the ice cream maker I sent him for his birthday)

Melissa: Enjoy. 🙂

Casey: I’m sure I will, once I learn how to work the damn thing.

Melissa: Emailed you the manual.

Casey: That was nice of you. Did you happen to email the ingredients?

Melissa: It’s probably just milk and sugar. Bada bing, bada boom. I couldn’t have bought those for you anyway. (because we live a thousand miles apart)

Casey: If you think all you need to make ice cream is milk and sugar, then go to the kitchen and mix some milk and sugar and see what happens.

Melissa: Might need some ice also.

Casey: Thank god you don’t cook.

Melissa: I resent that!

Casey: If your recipe for ice cream is milk, sugar and some ice, I don’t wanna know how you think gravy should be made. Is your recipe for mashed potatoes a bag of potatoes and a sledge hammer?

Melissa: Yeah, but I think you have to microwave the potatoes first.

Melissa: As for gravy, beef juice and flour.

Casey: I’m never coming to visit you unless you swear on a stack of DVDs that nothing we eat came from your recipes.

Melissa: You flatter yourself by thinking I would even cook for you.

Casey: I know you wouldn’t cook for me, but you’d have to have someone cook a meal and I would want the promise that they did not use your recipe.

Casey: So tell me, with ice cream, which ingredient, the milk, ice or sugar makes it taste like vanilla?

Melissa: That’s why you have to throw some vanilla wafers in there.

Casey: So you’re going to have sugar milk soup with wafers for crackers. No wonder you think coffee tastes good.

Melissa: You have to put the concoction in the freezer obviously.

Casey: Oh, so you get a big solid block of milk ice.

Melissa: LOL @ milk ice. Sounds good to me.

Casey: So if that’s all you have to do, why the hell did you buy me a $70 machine?

Melissa: That’s what you wanted!! I don’t question your crazy ideas.

Casey: Except I wouldn’t have wanted it if you hadn’t pointed it out to me in the first place?

Melissa: Maybe I was intoxicated at the time.

Casey: Too much milk ice?

Melissa: I call it ice cream

Casey: Next time you want pizza, I’m going to suggest you get some flour, tomato juice, expired milk and beef scraps.

Melissa: Where does the milk come in??

Casey: Expired milk = cheese. Duh.

Melissa: Oh yeah!

Casey: At least it does in the same universe where milk, ice and sugar makes ice cream.

Melissa: No no, you’re right.

Melissa: But I think it’s supposed to be spaghetti sauce, not tomato juice. That doesn’t make any sense.

Casey: Spaghetti sauce is made from a recipe, and your recipe would be tomato juice and water, so therefore all you really need is the tomato juice.

Melissa: Spaghetti sauce is not made from a recipe. It’s called Prego.

Casey: On your trip to New York, how many times did you drive by fields of Prego jars growing as far as the eye could see?

Melissa: I think they were in Tennessee, not New York. We also passed a couple of Cheez Whiz fields.

Casey: I have to say, I’m going to miss you when whatever drugs you’re on eat away the rest of your brain and you have to be committed.

Later –

Casey: I read the manual and recipe book. All of the ice cream recipes call for more than milk and sugar, and none call for ice cubes.

Melissa: That’s a major mistake, them leaving out the ice. You should probably call them and tell them to fix it.

Casey: The major mistake was a recipe for pumpkin spice ice cream.

Melissa: That sounds delicious!

Casey: No, it doesn’t.

Melissa: You don’t know everything.

Casey: I know enough.

Melissa: Not when it comes to delicious ice cream flavors apparently.

Melissa: So what are you going to make anyway?

Casey: I’m not sure yet. There’s a recipe for cherry vanilla frozen yogurt I want to try.

Melissa: Yuck. See what I’m talking about?

Casey: Yes, I do. You’re gross.

Melissa: Cherry vanilla is gross. I prefer cake batter ice cream.

Melissa: Why the hell are you talking about me on Facebook?

Casey: You already know why. I do it for the same reasons that I eat the foods I eat, drink the beverages I drink, watch the sports and shows I watch, read the books I read and listen to the music I listen to.

Melissa: I’m not talking to you anymore.

Creeping up the Backstairs

It’s crazy how everything can change in the blink of an eye, how something sinister can sneak up on you and change your life forever. One minute Donnie Wahlberg is making me feel all warm and fuzzy, and the next minute I’m being diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. And of course I’m asking myself, “what the fuck?” I was naïve and still possessed that sense of invincibility, the false belief that nothing could touch me in any significant way. So even when the doctors discovered a mass, I wasn’t too worried. When they performed the biopsy, I was impatient waiting for the “all clear” I knew was coming. But things didn’t turn out the way I expected.

Confronting your mortality is terrifying… for me, anyway. And I’m not saying I’m going to die anytime soon, but when you’re dealing with cancer, it’s a possibility you’re forced to consider. Life after death. Does it exist? Or will I breathe my last breath and cease to exist forevermore?

And then my mind goes in a slightly different direction, and I wonder how many last times I have experienced without knowing it. Was the last concert I went to so amazing because it was my last one? Like a gift from the invisibles keeping tabs on me? I hope not, but there’s no way to tell.

If there’s one good thing about this diagnosis, it’s finding out who your true friends are. Those I never expected to give me a second thought are the ones offering the most support. As someone who usually feels completely alone, this gives me strength to fight as hard as I can against this piece of shit disease.

Goonies never say die.