Resentment, part two

Oh, you want my share of the phone bill?
Well, sometimes in life we have to take a loss.
Just like I had to take a loss when you killed my dog two days ago.
Just like she had to take a loss when she died, terrified and struggling in the waters that claimed her.
She was blind in both eyes, and you couldn’t be bothered to watch her for five minutes.
So about that money, that $70 for the phone, you might just have to take a loss on that.
But that’s life. What can you do?



Isn’t it funny how you’re slowly shedding everything he never liked about you?
Your kids.
Your wardrobe.
Your identity.
I used to be so proud to know you, the definition of strong and independent.
Now you’re just a submissive little housewife who lets dogs drown.
Soon you’ll look around you,
Your past life nearly erased,
And realize it’s forever you and him, living on the street he shared with his dead wife.
Have fun with that.