Sleep Positions

Good night, sleep tight.

Good night, sleep tight.


I’m so tempted to try this.

…Really that’s only one position. I don’t know why I made it sound like more in the title. Like I had a list. I don’t have a list. I was just looking for an excuse to post a pic of my dog without resorting to a title like “LOOK AT MY FUR BABY. LOOK AT HER!” I’ve always hated the term “fur baby.” It sounds like a euphemism for something else.



4 comments on “Sleep Positions

  1. This fur baby looks SO similar to my fur baby, except mine is a boy! 😉
    He also sleeps in that position – I tried it, and it’s not too comfortable 😛

    • I see what you did there, saying fur baby twice. Very funny. 😉
      Yeah, I can see how it might be comfortable for them, but not so much for us. I feel like if I actually tried that, my shoulders would be screaming at me in the morning.

  2. I would try that position if I could! I call my Peke my fur baby, and my kids my skin babies. They hate me. hahaha!

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